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Badlands STOL Kit

The Badlands STOL Kit is a simple and affordable addition to improve performance on any aircraft using traditional Piper Airfoils and newer aircraft with "modern" airfoils.


The idea behind the Badlands STOL Kit is based off of the Sportsman STOL kit for Cessna Airfoils. The Sportsman greatly improved the performance for the Cessnas, giving us the thought of "what would it do for the Cub and similar aircraft?". With some modifications, the Badlands STOL Kit modernized the tried-and-true Piper Airfoil.


The Performance Cuff is not about chasing numbers, the goal behind the Badlands Cuff is to create a 

a better flying airplane. For the numbers people out there, our Cub pilots are seeing 3-5mph decrease in Stall Speed and 1-2mph increase in cruise speed. However, the pilots were more amazed on how noticeably more stable the airplanes were at slower speeds compared to not having the Badlands STOL Kit installed. The STOL Kit also reduces the Angle of Attack on approach making short and unapproved backcountry strips easier and safer for any pilot and their aircraft.



The STOL Kit has been fully tested on several aircraft with all pilot reports coming back with the same results. The stall speed is a solid 3mph to 5mph slower while gaining 1mph to 2mph on the top end. All pilots also noticed the increased stability at slow flight. The cuff has been tested for spin recovery and speeds up to 150mph.


The installation required for the STOL Kit is not difficult for most aircraft. The process is simple and straightforward. However, the Rans s7 is not as simple compared to other aircraft, we recommend having the Badlands STOL Shop install the cuff on the Rans s7. We will have installation videos and guides available to the public shortly.


The Badlands STOL Kit fits a large number of aircraft. Our kit is currently available for any experimental Cub with Piper or similar airfoil, Rans s7, and Rans s21. If you have an aircraft that is not one of these, contact us and we may be able to create you a custom kit for you.

How to Order

To order, you can go to our contact us page and fill out the form or you can call us at (605) 454-1008 for Levi or (605) 891-1290 for Clint and we will give you the price and details to get your order to your doorstep. 

Installation Gallery

Maule Guy on Slats and high AOA.                 Our Stol Kit lowers AOA by the way...

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